Bark beetle in the pavilion
March 2019

The pavilion „Blickwinkel“ gives voice to the foresters and wood owners who are suffering from the consequences of climate change.

The project was launched in occasion of the MCBW 2019. The shape of a cut tree-trunk served as a formal reference for the horizontal layers. Steep angels and strong dynamics give the architecture a specific direction. The construction pulls you towards nature, looking straight at lake Tegernsee. It creates a space that enhances exchange among the visitors and a statement underlining the value of good and modern architecture in rural areas.

The intention behind the name „Blickwinkel“: the space is meant to be a place for encounters. By using damaged wood by Pfund Jachenau as well as through the display of voices of directly affected foresters, the consequences of climate change are discussed.

On Saturday, March 16th many visitors joined the open discussion and happening. The initiators and the local forester Felix Karpf informed on the subject. The visual performance by Stein Communication gave an artistic context for the encounter. For several hours it converted the location into a place that brought people from different backgrounds together - open for exchange, discussion and collaboration.

Sofie Latour

POP-UP - Installation „Blickwinkel“
February 2019

EHAM presents together with the designer Felix Pöttinger at one of the most beautiful places in Bavaria the pavilion „Blickwinkel“. This creative collaboration between Design and Crafts takes place on the occasion of the Munich Creative Business Week 2019 (MCBW).
From March 15th until 29th „Blickwinkel“ in Kaltenbrunn at Lake Tegernsee will serve as a place for debating, discussion and get-together.

Eham is focussing on a subject that concerns all of us. The status quo of our local woods.
Extreme climate situations like strong heat, aridity, forest fire, storm and insects in the past months created serious damage across the Bavarian forests. Due to the ongoing climate change they will most probably increase.

Forestry suffers under consequences of storms - a lot of damaged wood means a notable decline of the revenue. This situation does not only affect the forest owners but also the sawmills, carpenter, cabinet maker and finally the consumer and the living environment of people and animals.

The pavilion offers a forum for a constructive dialogue. We are pleased to invite all you to pass by and visit „Blickwinkel“.

Saturday, March 16th at 5 pm there will be a special Happening. Discussion and interview with the forester Felix Karpf, music and visuals arts by Stein Communication.

Hi to our 5 new apprentices

September means new start, it’s the beginning of the formation of the new apprentices. Annalena, Gregor, Max, Petra and Sabrina will be guided along their way by Klaus, our chief of workshop. He spents a whole week with them introducing to them all the machines of the carpentry.
Obviously they also have to stop by in other areas of the company. Stefan gives them an introduction to the rules of the house and they learn about our ISO-standards.

Back to the workshop. Here the five youngsters’ first task is to build a shelf out of oak and birch. Lucky them. They can take it home, once it’s finished.
EHAM is very excited to welcome all our new apprentices, looking forward to passing on all our deep knowledge of craftsmanship and sharing our special passion for wood!

4 new apprentices - congrats!
August 2018

This four new apprentices where on to something: they have now left behind them 3 years of apprenticeship. Of which they spent one year at school (Berufsgrundschuljahr) and the other 2 years they were already at the EHAM workshop.
In this two years at our carpentry it was Klaus Kell who took great care of them. He prepared them very carefully for their exam, taught them all the many different techniques that a great craftsmen has to be capable of!

That’s what the apprentices had to show through their Gesellenstück. It’s about showing what they had learned, approving that they master the machines, form and materials.

We are very glad that all of them passed the test. All our best wishes to having become „Geselle“ now!
Their furniture got exposed at our carpentry and of course, we took the mandatory pictures of their pieces.

So what is next? We are very pleased to announce that Johannes will remain at EHAM - we are looking forward to new challenges with him. Moritz and Justina enrolled at the school of Rosenheim for „Innenausbau“, lot’s of success for their career. And Paul will join his father’s carpentry, good luck and a great time with your new tasks there.

luxury fashion meets best handcrafting - eham for frauenschuh
Juli 2018

What units Kaspar Frauenschuh and Sepp Eham? Both have a strong passion for the mountains, in summer as well as in the snowy winter times. A part from this connection to nature and alpine sports, there is another similarity: a special sensibility of how to use and work with natural materials. It’s about transforming them in a respectful way, being transparent regarding production chain - it’s not about mere exploitation of natural resources, but making it in the best way and better.
A part from business the two of them have also a long personal relation and friendship to look back at. So that’s what makes it even more beautiful for Eham to work for an outstanding brand and amazing friend. We loved to take part in the conception of this new Frauenschuh in-house gallery and office space.
Stone-pine, leather and steel. Rough but still with some tactile warmth. A slightly glossy and sleek screed contrasts with the deerskin covered desk - a huge masterpiece in the center of the room. The walls on front of the big panorama glass windows are covered with stone pine which are actually the doors of a long cupboard. The stone pine panels, framed with black steel, continue along the hallway - here they are used as a showcase for the newest shoots of the latest collections.
All the very best to Frauenschuh in this amazing new space - we are so thankful for your trust in working with us!

Sofie Latour

For friends: extraordinary studio kitchen
June 2018

At the beginning there where some plates. To be more precise, some precious antic bowls. Our client wanted to give them a decent showcase. The new kitchen was meant to be a frame for this pieces.
We enjoyed a lot working on this project. The design affinity of our client and friend meet with our experience and craftsman skills. The result is this extraordinary studio kitchen.

Sofie Latour

Sommer exhibition at Monika Eham Dekoration
June 2018

Summer has already begun. Pooltime, outdoor feelings are everywhere. So it's definitely time for an upgrade there! Monika Eham Dekoration invites you to her summer exhibiton. The get-together will take place on Saturday, June 9th from 10am until 5 pm, here in Hausham at her shop. Leitner Leinen will present their stunning linen products. Dedon, Weishäupl outdoor furniture will be there for you to be 'tested' personally.
The event will be accompained by Italian Antipasti and some fresh Rosé from Leitner Leinen and Feinkost Sollacher.
Sounds like a great shopping experience here on the countryside!

Please find the address here below:
Dekoration Monika Eham
Eckart 26
83734 Hausham

May 2018

Congrats to Carolin Mader. Our former apprentice just won the „Gestaltungspreis“ for her master piece. The class of Mr. Specht presented their works at the school "Meisterschule für Schreiner" in Munich.
We are proud of her beautiful and outstanding design of this office furniture. The way she plays with the marquetry is fantastic; as the stacked geometric shapes of a cube gain a three dimensional aspect. The commission was impressed by her precise elaboration of the technical and functional solutions.
So EHAM is very glad to welcome her once again back in our carpentry, now being a master!

Wolfgang Pulfer

April 2018

Premium quality and service are two of our most important values. We are constantly working to improve them. And here it comes: we have some good news to share! EHAM is proud to introduce a brandnew machine, unseen so far on the market. Through a cooperation with BF Engeneering, the two companies developped together the first Mini-Radiation-Chamber.

BF Engineering is a worldwide leading producer of UV-lighting test machines that mainly are demanded by the automovie industries. And they require huge dimensions for their production. So compared to those super large halls, we need the same technology on much smaller surface. That's why the idea of the Mini-UV-chamber was born.

Our Radiation-Chamber is now working. We are already running tests on our new surfaces. So, having the machine in-house is a big advantage for us. It safes time in the development process and at the same time it rises our quality. From now on, when we had out new samples to our clients, we can immediatly tell what the wood will look like in 10 years. Better service for our clients and still better quality - that's all we are seeking for!

Thanks to Daniel Breuer and his team - we are so excited about this super innovative project, it was a big pleasure working with you.

Apprenticeship tour - two pupil groups visiting EHAM
April 2018

Hands on, real experiencing: what does it mean to become a carpenter? What goes on at our carpentry? That is exactly what the pupils from our region could experience visiting our offices, showroom and workshops during this fourth apprenticeship tour. The goal of this tour is to point out all the various possibilities of professional development to the pupils and to furthermore create a stronger link between pupils and companies.
We are thrilled by this project and all the positive feedback - looking forward to receiving the most enthusiastic ones at EHAM for a few days of internship, which is the first step to start their carpenter career with us!

March 2018

It was a whole day of gathering - first at Papierfabrik Gmund and in the evening in Gut Kaltenbrunn.

During the day an inspiring conference took place. And the audience was invited to participate actively. We discussed the potential of the Oberland region to become more engaged as a creative community, sharing knowledge, craft skills and networks. The Bregenzer Wald and its project „Werkraum“ were on the table being a role model for a possible development of our region. As well as the recent development of South Tirol and the pros and contras of being only „Bello“ and keeping on feeding the cliches of a „Heidi“-world.

There was a great creative spirit in the air. And the burn in Kaltenbrunn was the final highlight of the Munich Creative Business Week 2018. EHAM celebrated the farewell of winter and set the huge wooden installation symbolically on fire! The audience was overwhelmed by the power of nature - clapping hands all over the place. Thank you once again to all our friends and families who helped with your great support to make this spectacle possible!

Photography meteorite:
© Sofie Latour

MCBW METEORITE - Burning 4 Design
March 2018

EHAM designed a big wooden object for the Munich Creative Business Week. This Meteorite has a cube that is four per four meters and a ten meter tale. This wooden sculpture is now standing in Kaltenbrunn at lake Tegernsee. And here we will be celebrating the grand finale of a week of sparkling creativity! We invite the creative scene from the region and everybody else to say farewell to winter. On saturday, the 10.03.2018, 6 pm the wooden sculpture will be burn symbolically. During the day there will be a inspiring day full of lectures "MCBW meets MB" at Büttenpapierfabrik Gmund. Please find the whole program below.

We look forward to a get-together with lots of creative spirit under the open skies.

Completely New lacquer area: for a greener carpentry
February 2018

Eham expanded its production. The lacquer area has now 280 sqm. The aim of the conversion was to improve our environmental footprint. This new finishing department was conceived to be on a high energy-efficiency level. The demand for heat and electricity is by far lower through this innovative systems. The very clean appearance of this new spaces has an additional value, too. Eham improves also the quality of our lacquer finishing by optimising the capture devices. We are proud of this successful collaboration with Scheuch who installed this advanced technology in our workshop.
Thank you for making our carpentry more sustainable!

100 years anniversary Freistaat Bayern - EHAM is part of it
January 2018

Bavaria is our homeland, where our roots come from. So it’s even more beautiful for EHAM being a carpentry to be part of the jubilee film in occasion of the 100 years Anniversary of the Freistaat Bayern. Many thanks to the Stereo Films team who came along with their ideas and cameras to shoot in our workshop. We are very pleased to express through our craftsmanship an important part of Bavaria’s culture and craft skills. And it’s nothing that stands still, instead we always try to become better in it and translate this heritage into our times.

HAUBENTAUCHER - homegrown and best quality
October 2017

It used to be a hairdresser, than for many years it has been a Cafe and „Baumkuchen“-Manufactory and now it is a Café, Bistro and an excellent restaurant. The "Haubentaucher". The Hotelier’s Family Eham and Lois Neuschmid are now taking care of this beautiful spot nearby the lake. EHAM conceived with them a concept for the conversion of the facade and the interior of the restaurant. Since the beginning it was clear that they wanted to keep the original boathouse character. And still it should be fresh and breathe some southern, mediterranean air.
Both the cook and the hotelier, being a former craftsman, transformed as much as possible with their own hands. This passion for their project and conviction you can also perfectly perceive when tasting some of their finest and carefully elaborated dishes.
We wish the Haubentaucher team a lot of joy and success with this enriching new spot right at lake Tegernsee!

September 2017

„Perfect“, says Stefan Droste and laughs „ I’am glad everybody knows how to read, so the basics are definitely ensured“. It is Dominik’s, Luc-Anton’s, Luka's, Tim’s and Valentin’s first day at EHAM and Stefan assembles all of them in the employees' kitchen. It has been a long-lasting tradition that the trainees' year starts in September - very welcome to our four new apprentices. First they get introduced to the EHAM system on a rather theoretical level. Whereas the second step is already going down to the workshop, the hands-on experience starts! Klaus Kell, our workshop master foreman takes over and explains how to built their first wooden drawers to the new quartet.
We are very pleased that you are highly motivated to be part of the Eham team now.

Congratulations dear new EHAM "Gesellen"
July 2017

It's summer time and quite hot - Peter Jakobi, our master in the carpentry who takes care of the new apprentices, is also there to give them a hand with their "Gesellenstück". Apparently it was worth all effort. Katharina, Johannes, Marinus and Markus all passed the exam and Marinus won even the "Gute Form" award. We are proud of all the four of them and their need and clean designs, congratulations Eham Gesellen!

Hochschule Rosenheim at EHAM
June 2017

Prof. Staiger and his students from Hochschule Rosenheim visited the EHAM carpentry. Their main interest was the company organisation. So Stefan Droste presented the EHAM structures and took them around to have a look a behind the scences. One thing definitely drew all their attention: the material samples library. We are glad to have had this opportunity of exchanging opinions, thank you for all your attention and visiting us.

TOBI at work
May 2017

Thanks to Oberland Werkstätten Tobi has now been working at EHAM for more than one year. Despite his down's syndrome he his part of our team, works mostly in the solid wood section of Markus Trinkl. We are very happy about having him being part of the crew. Of course, it is not only easy, but we have now worked a lot, so it is for both sides enriching! Thank you Miesbacher Merkur for featuring this in the article.

EHAM Guffert-fir featured in Welt am Sonntag
April 2017

It's not about barking up the wrong tree, but it's about being on the hip track. EHAM is featured in WAMS with our new Guffert fir. We are so proud of this great article - thank you so much Janina Temmen for interviewing us on this wood matter.

MCBW meets MB conference
February 2017

Miesbach is the first disctrict to join Munich Creative Business Week (MCBW) as a partner region. It gives local companies the opportunity to demostrate their design expertise.
On March 11th there will be a full day of activities in Gmund. Creatives from the region come together and will discuss the relationship between rural and urban areas. Eham will presents itself and give a workshop in the afternoon. We are looking forward to fascinating encounters!

February 2017

EHAM is about Living and Wellbeing. At the same time we are concerned about where our ressources come from. And how do other companies do? Those who are also dealing with goods from the nature and manufacture luxury products? We had the great pleasure to have Bea von Thurn and Taxis - Kaufmann Cosmetics, Lara Wernert and Tina Wendler - 13rugs/Rohi, Maximilian Hurler - Schwabinger Tor and Felix Karpf - Österreichische Bundesforsten as extremely inspiring speakers at our carpentry. We are very thankful for this exciting DEEPER LIVING 2017 evening full of different perspectives!

DELIAS bench shown at IHM "DESIGN PERFORMANCE | 2017"
February 2017

EHAM's bench and table set "Delias" was selected for the exhibition DESIGN PERFORMANCE at IHM. The show brings together the topic of the MCBW „Design connects - The Smart Revolution“ with the title of the IHM 2017 „Made in Germany. Das Original. Echt bei uns im Handwerk“.
EHAM's project shows how design, construction, raw material processing and production in a chain of digital processes guarantee profitability for the crafts industry.

Jan 2017

For many years EHAM has been manufactering precious boutique furniture for Tamara Comolli. Her first store in Spain, in the Marbella Beach Club, was now listed under the Top 10 New Jewellery Boutiques. We are proud of working together with this extremely successfull Tegernsee-based jewellery designer and wish the Tamara Comolli all the very best for the new store. Congratulations to to the winning team!

FH Rosenheim visits EHAM
October 2016

It is clearly about mutual enrichment to be in close contact with educational institutions like a Fachhochschule. Luckily EHAM has an exellent school not too far away from our carpentry - the FH Rosenheim. We are glad to keep in touch with them and received a visit very recently. The graduating students of the "Innenausbau" class came in order to learn more about the business organsation of EHAM. Stefan Droste who is responsible for this structures opened new perspectives for the students.

Time for introducing our four new apprentices
September 2016

September means in Munich "Ozapft is". In Hausham it also stands for a new beginning. We are proud to welcome our four new apprentices: Justina Frese, Moritz Blum, Paul Brandl and Johannes Zenkert. Traditionally we spend the frist day on introducing them to all our machines and responsible carpenters. Therefore they manufacture a side table and receive at the same time all safey instrucitions of how to handle the machines. Peter Jaboki says the youngsters crew was very enthusiatic about their first day, so we are looking forward to a great time of apprentice and growth together with them at Eham.

Medicine meets Design
July 2016

Design is not only about being beautiful. This project shows that it goes even beyond. Indeed in this case of the extension of the Klinik im Alpenpark it was clearly intended to influence the healing process of the patients through aestethics. This modernisation had as an result a clinic with design suites, the Anna Suite is actually Bavaria's biggest one. Eham was asked to draw the drafts for this new rooms of the Ringberghaus, to execute and project as well as the conversion of the lobby and the panorama restaurant. Noble materials, like wood, metal, leather, stone and glas create elegante spaces and underline the hotel-like ambiance.

April 2016

Thank you for the great feature in the current issue of the ZEITMagazin on our carpentry. We are so proud to be mentioned together with design pioneers like Ray and Charles Eames.

March 2016

From all over the food planet they took the hottest Slow Food trends. Brought them to Munich. A new snack bar called Bitedelite is born. EHAM created a cozy interior where hightech materials like nano laminate contrast with the luxury brass covering of the bar. It's quite obvious that this quality foodies are seeking for an autenthic and truthful ambiance - rough and natural oak gives this feeling while enjoying absolutely tasty and healthy superfoods, surrounded by this beautiful industrial brick walls.

Gut Schörghof
February 2016

From a barn. From a barn into a living room. Gut Schörghof. The home of Baroness Annabel von Bechtolsheim. She transformed this land into a landscape for horse lovers, friends and family. Dorms and big windows on booth sides opened up the space with more light. In the hall that leeds to the guestrooms the rough and outstanding Eham floor reveals all the uniqueness of the space. A luxurious feeling meets with familiar hospitality.

January 2016

2016 is just about to start and EHAM has already some good stories to tell. Josef Eham was featured by the german TV Channel Bayrisches Fernsehen. We are very glad to annouce that the programm "Milberg und Wagner" chose EHAM as its expert on matured timber. It was a great pleasure for us to have the production team in our workshop, thank you for filming at Eham.
So for all those who missed the transmission on January 2nd, you will here find the link to the broadcast.

PS: Just a small side note, Eham will be shown from minute 11:20 on.

EHAM floors and Bang und Olufsen store Munich
Dezember 2015

Perfect sounds on perfect flooring. Bang und Olufsen’s outstanding products are now shown on EHAM floors. The brand just opened the first store of their new shop concept in Munich pointing out the importance of precisely tailored craftsmenship. We are proud for having been chosen to be their partner for the conversion. Wishing the B&O team a great start with the new location in the heart of Munich, Maximiliansplatz 14.

October 2015

Openhouse at Eham. Saturday, 7.11 we are open. From 10 am - 7 pm. We will show our new Showroom to the public, our interior designers will be there for you to answer all your small and big questions. We will produce stunning pieces with our new 3D CNC, learn you more about special wood surfaces and entertain the kids with craftwork. Our carpentry will be presenting other craftsmen, upcomimg young desingers like Caia of Sweden or local lovely products like Monika Gistl with her bavarian prints. We are also very pleased about the participation of EHAM partners who will present innovations in their fields - A/c/t, Securiton, Brita, Bora, Gaggenau, Die Steinwerkstatt Weiler, Hasenkopf, Michel Bäder, Occhio, Olaf Übelacker, Schotten und Hansen and Silatec. Looking forward to seeing all of you!

Servus to our four new apprentices
September 2015

First day of work. All is new. Pretty much unseen. Let’s get started. Put on the EHAM T-Shirt,
pull over the EHAM pullover as it already starts getting chilly in september when our new apprentices arrive at the workshop. Well here there is something to point out. Our Master of the workshop - Peter Jacobi - who is actually in charge of taking care of the new apprentices, is well-know among all carpenters to wear shorts even in freezing wintertimes. Indeed, a very sporty spirit and that’s exactly how we like it! Said this, we are very pleased to give a warm welcome to our four new future carpenters: Johannes Zerwes, Katharina Meiler, Marinus Bier und Markus Hemming. Let’s make it become an enriching time of learning and having fun all around wood and our workshop together with the rest of the EHAM team!

„Moment of absolute happiness as an entrepreneur“ Eham wins „Wirtschaftspreis 2015“
June 2015

Eham became known for innovative products even beyond the regional borders. The company is considered to be a driving force of the economy of the region. At the same time Eham offers nowadays good perspectives for its apprentices which was significant for the nomination to the „Wirschaftspreis 2015“ of the Landkreis Miesbach. And now it is official - Eham actually won the award „Wirschaftspreis 2015“ - Georg Kofler commented this in his speech as „the Moment of absolute happiness as an entrepreneur“. For Josef Eham the prize is also a proof of the excellent quality of the bavarian craftsmanship in Germany. Eham is extremely proud to announce the award and thankful for the great loyalty and support of our team, every single client, partner and friend that we had the chance to work with over the last 30 years.

solar panels on the rooftop will supply manufactory with 87% of its electricity
June 2015

The new solar energy plant produces 118kWp. That means that 87% of the electricity that EHAM needs for the manufacturing processes of our timber floors, luxury kitchens and other craftsmen furniture will be supplied by this green energy source. We are glad to annouce that we are heading forward on this track of longlasting energy concepts.

Sharpening knives - how they used to do and how it’s done today
June 2015

Definitely it’s to all kitchen and cooking aficionados an indescribable pleasure to deal with sharp knives. Same thing for craftsmen’s tools - only a blade that has been sharpened will do a great job. Markus Trinkl is an expert on this subject, his father taught him how to handle knives and while he did his formation as a carver he still gained more knowledge on it. Great initiative to ask among the EHAM team who was up for a short workshop on how to sharpen knives! Did you know that the „gelber Belgischer Brocken“ a stone that is nowadays very rare used to be the common material to sharpen tools? Today it’s a machine job obviously. Thank you Markus for sharing your practical know-how with us!

EHAM featured in BM
Mai 2015

We are very pleased to share this article with you. Thanks a lot to the BM-team for the story on our imagefilm! Please check it out here.

Abenteuer Leben - Eham
April 2015

Do it yourself, becoming a real craftsmen? If that’s what you are looking out for, you will love this report. We are very exited to announce the upcoming program on TV - Abenteuer Leben - who broadcasted this days in our workshop. Eham gave advice and shared it’s experts know-how on wood and carpentry to built some beautiful furniture together with Katrin Graf. Have a look at Kabeleins! Many thanks to the great TV team that worked hard here in our workshop on the set.

Eham wins "Oscar"
February 2015

The Parkett Star price was handed out in 15 categories and Eham is proud to have received it for the conversion of the carpentry. The concept of the huge glass window from the showroom on the upper floor allows the visitors to observe every manufacturing process - the jury was immediately convinced by this. We are glad to announce to have received the price at Domotex fair in Hannover.

Eham as a pioneer, we turn on the LED lights
January 2015

Eham is one of the first midsize companies to change all its lighting to LED lights. Long term thinking is a core value of the Eham philosophy that has to be lived and put into practice. With the new LED lighting system Eham achieves a striking reduction of its energy consumption. And obviously in our Interior projects for our clients we work mostly with LED concepts for lighting.

Portrait on Josef Eham in the "Streifzug"
January 2015

We are pleased about this report in the Streifzug winter issue. Have a read - who knows, it might turn into your lovely chimney lecture.

Tamara Comolli Boutique in Munich now
December 2014

Tamara Comolli headquarters are located very close to our workshop here, actually in Gmund near by the Tegernsee
lake. Now the international jewellery designer just opened the first Boutique in Munich. That's why we are especially glad for having been part of the project - the showcase furniture was manufactured at Eham. Dear Comolli team, we wish you a great start with this new gorgeous shop! So just drop in, once you will be on your next shopping tour through Munich.

Eham fly flap
December 2014

A new office accessory was born. Let’s fight against the flies. We are sure that they will be back, sooner or later. So you better want to be prepared.

Brotzeit in the new Showroom
November 2014

November is a calm month in the bavarian agenda. After Waldfest saison during summer time and Oktoberfest in autumn, this month is less busy. We are happy to have celebrated the opening of our new showroom. All the involved craftsmen and partners who contributed to the success of the project got together for a delicious Brotzeit. Beautifully decorated and organised by Anna Schober and her Feste Feiern team. Thank to all of you for coming!

Making-of, cameras in the house
November 2014

From a different mold. That's Josef Eham's statement. He talks about these challenges that every day his projects are different, nothing repeats itself, there is no product in this sense. For two days the Eham carpentry turned into a stage for the videomakers - Eham is waiting for its first video. We are very excited to announce it herewith. Huge thanks to the crew on set, Markus Klaes, Jakob Haueisen, ifeverthennow and Sofie Latour.

October 2014

Eham exporting to the Netherlands. Our woods just arrived in The Hague at Käfer’s. Beautifully rustic chic - we love it!

Place to see
October 2014

We are open. Come in and find out about all our new samples, floors and other materials related to interior design. We are proud to announce that our new showroom is finally open. Over 800 qm and huge glass window to appreciate our craftsmen at work. At the same time we are glad about the launch of our new website - thank you to all our partners who have been contributing to both projects! So long, that’s our news right before the end of this year.

Three new apprentices
September 2014

New future carpenters for our team. Eham continues taking important steps in our continued development. We are very pleased to welcome Emauel, Andreas and Jutta who are now taking their first steps on the career ladder with apprenticeships and work at Eham.

42% is 58% too little for Eham
September 2014

For many generations the Huber Family has been producing selected Fischerweber Schnaps in Rottach-Egern. Although 42% is 58% too little for Eham - dear Hubers, thank you for this pleasant cooperation, we are very pleased with this special gift.

Congratulations Anton and Sophia
September 2014

Congratulations Anton Burkart and Sophia Kremser - our two trainees presented their „Gesellenstück“. We are very proud to announce that Anton won two prices, one regarding his piece and the other one for his academical achievements.

Olympics in Ostin
July 2014

While Germany won the World championships, EHAM is looking for his own champions. We started with activities totally in the woods. Climbing high up there in the trees was the first task - the finals took place on the mountain Baumgarten where we had Brezen and some delicious homemade Kaiserschmarrn. That was Eham excursion 2014.

Master piece
July 2014

Tobias Huber presents its graduation furniture - we are pleased to have one new „Meister“ in our team. The minimalistic sideboard talks about his close relationship to his surrounding. Oak from the region and the literal translation of the beautiful mountains are both integrated in his project. The white front shows the design of our panorama into the Alps. Whereas inside the furniture is about the combination of traditional craftsmen ship and heightec solutions. The drawers run on a wooden very particular gear and the front can be open through a sensor that is integrated on the side of the board. Congratulations Tobias to your great piece.

It is all in the detail.
July 2014

Hightech inside, simple rectangular shape outside. Dominik Würz presents a Multimediaboard out of oak, whereas it’s frontal parts
are painted glass and a mineral material. Meant to be the place where to keep your receivers, cables and other media, the board
has a special feature in its central part. The white mineral part opens vertically with an electrical system. Apart from this practical
and technical functions the furniture also accomplishes some aesthetical role by creating a cosy ambiance through the integrated LEDlights. Congrats to Dominik, we are proud of our new „Meister“.

Eham on video
July 2014

The Hochschule Rosenheim celebrates its 10th anniversary. One student makes an project on the Alumnies asking the question:
and where are you now? So he goes and visits them at their desks. EHAM has one of the protagonist in his team - Stefan Droste
who is on charge of the company organisation. We are very pleased to show you the video by Jakob - please check it out here:

Eham flooring featured in „Baumeister“
Febuary 2014

Thinking out of the box has always been our fingerprint. So we conceive our flooring department and wanted to show our last wooden flooring projects in Baumeister, the german magazine on architecture.

New from The Seven tower and Eham floors

THE SEVEN tower in Munich is now ready to be furbished from inside. The Eham flooring team is getting prepared to deliver our natural wooden floors. While at the same time the Munich Wiesn is getting dismounted, at THE SEVEN construction sight there will
be even more crane in order to lift EHAM flooring up to the top of the tower. Soon our craftsmen will be laying special high-quality and durable material in this luxurious apartments with such a spectacular view on the Alps!

Josef EHAM nominated as "Alpenpionier"

It is all about pioneers, mountain spirit and the future of the Alps. Philipp Schmid a natural scientist, entrepreneur and event manager founded a association called "Club der Alpenpioniere". He wants to bring together vanguardians with different backgrounds. In the context of the International Mountain Summit in Brixen he will award personalities for outstanding achievements regarding the Alps region. Alps, the magazine just presented this candidates - amoung others Josef Eham got nominated. We are delighted about the nomination and looking forward to the result of the award ceremony.

Very welcome to four new apprentices at Eham

September is traditionally the time of the year when the famous "Wies'n" starts. But also for our new apprentices this month is
a new beginning! We are very excited to welcome Anna-Lena, Franz Xaver, Sebastian, Thomas and Tobias who are part of the
Eham team now.


EHAM says SERVUS and presents its new timber flooring.

Casual luxury – Tamara Comolli in Rottach-Egern

Timeless beauty and perfection - this is Tamara Comolli's world. Her Finest Jewelry Collection is distributed by international jewelers as well as in her four boutiques. Her headquarter is based on the Tegernsee lake with its own flagship store. EHAM has been her partner for several years, assuring that her precious stones are presented in the perfect "drop". For the boutique in Rottach-Egern right on the lake close to the famous "Malerwinkel", Eham built some showcase furniture decorated with flowery ornaments.
In order to integrate this white lacquered sideboard perfectly in the whole shop design, the wall was covered with wooden panels.
The designer points out, that it was a her big dream to open up the first flagship store to be able to finally present all the creations
in the perfect environment. Are you curious to check out her unique casual luxurious style? Just drop by in Rottach-Egern!

Eham for ArtConsult München

Until beginning of October ArtConsult München shows the "austrian shootingstar" Julian Khol. It is already the second show that
the gallery exhibits since its reopening. The gallery owner Dirk Kronsbein and Eham redesigned the interior of the location. Close to the windows they created a cosy sitting area to be able to contemplate the artworks. The walls are covered with a special technic developed by Ubelacker - it communicates in a fabulous way with the current abstract expressionist paintings. "Ludwig" lightning experts made sure that the space is perfectly illuminated. Certainly, this is only the beginning of many more great exhibitions in this gallery - so we are happy to have been part of the team that remodeled the space, wishing Mr Kronsbein and the ArtConsult München team all our very best for the upcoming events!

Chic and traditional bavarian - Tegernseer Tal 8 Brauhaus in Munich

Made in Tegernsee can now be found in Munich. The host couple Mary-Ann und Constantin Wahl just inaugurated the new brewery Tegernseer Tal 8 in the heart of Munich, it is all about delicious beer culture and all kinds of delicatessen from the Tegernseer region. They selected with a lot of sensibility authentic products from this beautiful area and EHAM was given the opportunity to create a rustic and cosy atmosphere around it. The walls are covered with dark wooden panels which reflect elegancy and tradition regarding typical bavarian brewery interiors. Looking forward to taste a delicious Schweinebraten or just some fresh beer? Come on and drop
by soon to celebrate bavarian beer culture!

Eham Shopdesign for Greif traditional bavarian clothing

The business has been run by the Greif family for more than 200 years. Eham just redesigned the store underlining the beauty of
their tailor-made clothes that are absolutely unique. The atmosphere of the shop should be as authentic, simple and contemporary
as possible. That is why Eham chose regional materials in order to provoke this feeling. The shelves and furniture are covered with deer leather which is traditionally used for bavarian trousers creating a cosy and welcoming ambiance. Come and visit the store in Rottach-Egern - as it is still "Waldfest"- season around the lake, so you could definitely check out some stunning outfits there!

Eham projects - new visual inspiration

We have been working on our webpage - there is news for you. EHAM's latest finished projects can be seen under "projects".
A beautiful selection of images of showrooms in Munich like Michel Bäder or Olaf Überlacker where you will be able to walk on our high end Eham timber flooring. As well as the cosy chalets that we designed around the Tegernsee lake, rustic and natural looks -
in a rural context, just so inspiring! If you really liked one or another of the projects, just let us know - we have photobooks on them that you might be curious about to check out.

Interior designer and carpenters wanted - Eham career

EHAM is looking for an Interior designer, space designer, carpenter for installations, master of carpentry for installations, carpenter for production and master of carpentry for production. The working space is a creative environment, with EHAM you will be able to develop a variety of different tasks in your field. You will be given the opportunity to come up with your own ideas and inputs in order to grow within the company. Are you creative, extremely motivated and desire strongly to work on your projects assuming responsibilities? Then you are right here. Eham is looking forward to receiving your application.

Gone to Hannover - Hannes Schmidmayer receives "Gute Form" Award 2013

Hannes Schmidmayer drove up to northern Germany, but in this case not as usually in order to fulfill the Eham clients wishes - instead he left Hausham to receive the national "Gute Form" award. His beautifully shaped Minibar shows extraordinary carpenters skills and in its inside it celebrates the qualities of wood. Schreinrei Eham is very delighted and extremely proud of the project -best congratulations to Hannes from us!

Häfele Vietnam Welcome at Eham

The Häfele Vietnam team was quite surprised about the size of the eham carpentry. This was also the objective of the excursion - Häfele in cooperation with GIZ selected a german carpentry being not just a one-man show but already an established company.
Ms Schmälze takes care of the project as she also treats this subject in her thesis. The Vietnames businessmen were impressed
by the security standards of the Eham carpentry and last but not least they were very excited by exploring the concept of a the "Brotzeitraum", as in Vietnam there does not exist such idea of taking into consideration social rooms. We are delighted to have
been given that opportunity to show our company and enjoyed the cultural exchange thanks to the visit of Häfele Vietnam.

Eham Chaletstyle at Frankfurt Ambiente - Rösle celebrates 125 years of "Love, Cook, Live"

Rösle an outstanding german company for kitchen utensils celebrates its 125 years anniversary. Eham is very excited to have designed and built up the interior of the both at Ambiente Frankfurt. An exceptional wooden shelter that in its inside was beautifully decorated with sumptuous textiles, bavarian cow fur and classy antique wood. Simple and straight shapes were combined with some sophisticated details like the upholstered bench on the back of the hut. Both Rösle and Eham develop products that hold their value, their top attention focuses on delivering maximum quality. The family-run company from the southernmost region of Germany just received an award as the "Marke des Jahrhunderts" and therefor is part of Germany's leading brands. The Rösle kitchen accessories performed at the tradeshow with the Eham Chalet booth - if you are looking for a suitable scene for your utensils, our highly experienced kitchen team, would be delighted to make your wishes reality!

Eham excursion and the eham sled wins

The Eham company had a special event going on in February: the complete crew spent a day together up on the mountains. The date was unfortunately just right in between "Carnaval" which had some effect on the number of participants - indeed, it was the organizer of the whole excursion who missed it. The Eham team moved from Tegernsee Valley into Schlierach Valley, everybody equipped with a sled - some of the them with the handmade EHAM sled. Final destination was Kala Alm. Reaching the top was not a problem, but of course just right after having reached the peak, everybody had a big smile in his face. And for sure, afterwards they all came together in the hut and had enough time to discuss the whole competition, why one EHAM sled was so much faster than the other!

Eham launches competition - Interior Design class Garmisch-Partenkirchen on sight

What is the biggest dream of a student? Yes, he strongly desires to realize his first project, he is keen on going beyond sketches, renderings and mock-ups. The students from the "Fachakademie für Raum und Objektdesign" in Garmisch-Partenkirchen will get
this chance. Eham just launched a competition to redesign its showroom. Mr. Mandel and his 14 students of the Interior Design class visited the Eham carpentry in order to receive the briefing. Next step will be in July when the students present their first sketches and ideas on the project so that by autumn of this year the best showroom project will be turned into reality; including a special area for timber flooring. Eham is very exited about this collaboration and curious about the first proposals!

Alps Magazin features „EHAM den Holzveredlungsbetrieb“

Thank you for featuring EHAM in the stylish "Alps Magazin" which is all about the way of living in this particular mountains. The article talks about four carpenters based in the alps. What brings them together is their passion for wood, but at the same time each of them has a very different and unique language. Eham dedicates all his passion to using established craftsmen skills, the carpenter is pointed out as the master of this arty technics. What makes it even more interesting and fascinating at the same time, is the fact that Eham combines the old and the new - in order to be able to keep up with the high standards of contemporary living. "Authentic materials" like antic wood will be used for a front door, that hides in his inside a high-tech feature like a fingerprint reader. Do you like this kind of mix between low and high-tech - then have a closer look at the article in Alps magazine on Eham.

Oak timber flooring at Pschorr - if you listen to it carefully

"Heimat auf dem Teller" about the Pschorr philosophy and Eham Inka and Jürgen Lochbihler created real values in their traditional bavarian restaurant. It is all about high quality and they strive for regionalism. "Heimat auf den Teller" is the book they have just published and it shows how it is important for them to take a closer look. That is why they chose EHAM for the remodeling of the Pschorr restaurant - " the Eham carpentry was of such an importance as they really were able to understand deeply the concept".
A modern restaurant, that still gives you the feeling of the authentic bavarian tradition. Eham voted for a special oak timber flooring
"if you listen to it carefully, you will perceive the recreation that the Eham carpenters installed here" which shows the grounding and the particular lasting effects that Eham products embody. Curious about the book, just have a look here.

THE SEVEN - luxury tower in Munich and EHAM delivers timber flooring

We are talking about the most expensive square meter prices in Munich and it is Eham who is delivering timber flooring and doors. This project is not only a benchmark in regards of prices, the tower provides also the tallest residential space in town. Before there used to be a heating station on this ground and today Eham will lay its exclusive timber flooring into the apartments. Luckily the Eham team is already used to this height, due to their origin close to the mountains, so dealing with this construction side on a max hight of 56 meters won´t cause any dizziness with the carpenters. A part from laying this particularly developed color range of EHAM timber flooring, the carpentry is also in charge of doors. We are proud to introduce our new door system to this project, as it is an outstanding technical revolution that is also esthetically highly appealing.

Opening of the Christmas exhibition at Monika Eham

Christmas time is getting closer. Are you prepared? If you want to create a really special ambiance also at your home, come and visit the Monika Eham exhibition on Christmas accessories. Gold, silver, stars, fancy flowers and eye-catchy iced fir cones, furthermore there will be some Eham furniture displayed; don´t miss this opportunity of an unique shopping experience at our former workshop location. Once you are already there, you also might want to pass by our new flooring exhibition at the Eham carpentry - looking forward to seeing you before christmas!

Ready to be shipped overseas - Tamara Comolli furniture for fine jewelry shops

The unique shape of Tamara Comolli's drop is indeed a one of a kind piece and therefore it will always be recognized.
Tamara Comolli´s fine jewelry is highly demanded internationally and Eham now delivers the convenient display furniture - with some high-tech details, a pure
and clean design evoking classy and refined elegance. The furniture becomes a pleasant support for the shiny jewelry pieces which are likely to provoke an infinite desire for more in the observer. With all the "drops" having passed the latest quality checks at Eham's workshop, they are now ready for their adventurous trip to their final destination overseas - the Hamptons are calling!

Very welcome to four new apprentices at Eham

For the four new apprentices has just began a new episode. Their first week of hard work at the Eham workshop. This first days are meant to be a time of preparation to get more familiar with this craftsmanship they are keen on becoming a master one day. So far they have been working on some small furniture with the scope of learning how to read technical drawings, to cut wood, to drill, to polish. Eham is very excited to welcome Anton, Marinus, Sophia and Yannik who are part of the team from now on!

Sheep around the factory - the natural greenkeepers!

Sustainability and ecology are core values of the Eham carpentry. And this can be seen also in little details, for example when it comes to the question of how to keep the grass low around the workshop. We love the green surroundings of our building and they need to be looked after. This year we decided to get some support from some animals, we built a cosy little hut for them and mounted fences. Instead of having to spent more energy on machines that cut the grass, we have two sheep who take care of this task!
It looks very picturesque and shows how to life in harmony with nature - this is just the way Eham consciously manufactures kitchens, floorings and other wonderful furniture, trying to be as close as possible to nature.

Hannes Schmidmayer winner of the "Gute Form"

"Every piece a masterpiece" - this is the slogan of the bavarian association of carpenters. Our apprentice, Hannes Schmidmayer embodied this idea in regards of this "Gesellenstück" and wins therefore the price "Gute Form". His masterpiece reveals his passion for geometry and pure shapes. The form of this mini-bar furniture is very clean, reminds of a sculptural monolith that in its inside hides all functions. It is a rational, rectangular piece of furniture whereas its material, the beautifully and naturally finished oak wood brings some warmth to it. Furthermore he combined the wooden pieces with iron which underlines again its rough character. Eham is very exited to present this brilliant awarded design, all our best wishes to Hannes from us!

Congratulations to our three new "Gesellen"

We are delighted to present our three new apprentices. Hannes Schmidmayer, Christian Seebald und Florian Obermaier have just showed their "Gesellenstück" in Bad Tölz. They all worked hard to finish their projects while the workshop master Peter Jacobi assisted the whole process from the first drawings until the finished piece. Furthermore, Flori Obermaier received an award called "Staatspreis" for this good marks at the Berufsschule. Due to the great work of the three of them, they got accepted at the Eham carpentry as employees.

The Delikatessen marketplace "Markthalle" now also in Dürnbach

Markthalle has been for many years an established place to go for delicious food shopping in Rottach-Egern and now there is a second one in Dürnbach. Bright grey-shades, wooden boxes and iron - this is a contemporary mix of materials underlining the typical character of a marketplace and at the same time it stands for something unique. Sissi Rampf, Markthalle owner played a crucial role in regards of the design and it is Eham's part to materialize the ideas. The doors are wide open now, you can already enjoy a generous shopping ambiance, as the location has a wonderful high ceiling. Fresh veggies, special fruits and carefully selected gourmet brands can be found at this place, where you definitely get a special attention being client and this not only through the most delicious italian coffee they might offer you during your early morning shopping tour!

Eham Olympics in Ostin

The Olympic games are about to start and the Eham employees have just competed in Ostin at the Ödberg. The yearly excursion is a wonderful get-together of all carpenters, a moment of joy and lot of fun. Well, and of course, the fact that it is a competition should not be underestimated - each team was very keen on winning the games! Not even rain could stop the participants, after a short breake and some refreshing in the hut, all the teams got back to the stations. So the whole event was a big success regarding its human and social qualities; however there is still a mystery - was it a mere coincidence that the Josef Eham team won the games?

News from building site in Munich - Eham delivers 8000 sqm timber flooring for the "Opera Palais"

The construction works began exactly in July two years ago and since then Accumulata Immobilien Development and LBBW Imbolilien are realizing the historical restoration of 4.590 sqm of the former "Residenzpost". The facade of the composted buildings located on the famous Maximilianstrasse were conceived by Leo Klenze. EHAM is now in charge of the timber flooring delivery, 8000 sqm will be carefully laid by the carpenters. The building in this exclusive location will be multifunctional - there will be apartments, commercial areas, offices and a wide gastronomical offer. Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton are just two of the sophisticated brands you will find in the "Palais an der Oper". The french luxurious label pretends to follow the concept from the big flagship store in Paris where part of the shop will be working as an contemporary art gallery. Hilmer&Sattler Architects realized the project considering Fengshui laws and within this the Eham carpenters will guaranty a sustainable high-end flooring - the Palais an der Oper will probably be inaugurated in 2013.

Josef Eham gives a talk about contemporary interior design for b+b rooms in rural areas.

The participants were 30 women from the bavarian ministry for Agriculture and Forests. The talk took place in Tegernsee,
at the St. Quirin Formation Centre. The goal was to explain a wide range of expectations and requests of various target groups.
An in the end, it was all about the joy of natural materials and how they tell their own stories...

Ought things, exceptional spaces

Even the accessories of the hunters, have the right to belong to a suitable room in a house. Their place to be is called "Schusskammer", which literally translated means shooting space - and of course this room needs to be well designed, too. The design is functional, there is a secure wardrobe for the precious goods, the table and sitting area are ergonomically shaped, where as the panel upholstery is quite eye-catchy, the golden niter brings some eccentric style mixture. As the walls are out of massive wood the Interoir Designer Kiki Schröder decided to play with a strong contrast, using glass on the other wall. This glass panel is an extremely contemporary element, it is covered with a slightly transparent photoprint. The image shows a beautiful hunter's scene, so finally both art lovers and passionate hunters are happy with this choice. This is what Eham stands for, realizing our clients dreams and we are even happier when it takes place in the context of collaboration with Interior Designers like Kiki Schröder from Munich.

View on high

It is about feeling completely free and breathing in some fresh air from the mountains. This big windows and the endless view up on the peaks of the french Alpes is very special about this cabin that Eham just handed the keys over. The force of nature flows directly into the house, the idea was to play with the inside and outside as if it was all one, as if there were no borders. Nature is part of the living of this spaces, the huge windows allow this passage. Clouds pass by, wind and whether change day by day, this is the extraordinary spectacle of nature, it never stays the same. And this is what Eham wanted to contemplate in this project, how unique everything is. This chalet is just made out of singular and unique pieces - none of the matured timber elements are the same, each single element has its own striking beauty.

Cotidiano Café in Munich - bavarian meets flemish

The Café Cotidiano placed in the trendy Gärtnerplatzviertel in Munich got a new look and Eham wanted to underline the cozyness
of the location. The former Le Pain Café is now called Cotidiano and combines a flemish reduced style with a cosy bavarian feeling.
The use of the black and white colour theme expresses a minimalistic and clear approach, whereas the rough and rustic wooden surfaces break with this idea and bring some liveliness into the café. There are plenty wonderful details of proper craftsmen work of an excellent carpenter. Little details out of iron in the furniture or just the natural finish of the spruce wood - so why don't you just check it out yourself and enjoy the wonderful smell of fresh baked bread at the Café? Let's go!

Peter Wagner documented his success from "my frame" until his master piece

18 years ago it all started. It was by then when Peter Wagner first visited the EHAM carpentry and became an intern for the his first time. He got familiar with the basic tools a carpenter uses during his daily live. He prepared a diary for his school, writing a report about his experiences at the carpentry where he carefully described all the tasks he was asked to fulfill, illustrated this descriptions with small colorful drawings of the tools he got introduced to and added some photographs. "I don´t way to be in the way and I want to receive answers to all my questions" is written down in his diary, pointing out what was most important to him. It has been now for 15 years that he is part of the Eham team, he became apprentice and master of carpentry - Schreinerei Eham is thankful for his loyalty. The masterpiece of Peter Wagner is a piece of furniture that combines brilliant technical knowhow of a craftsmen using a particular layering technique with contemporary aesthetics.

Student award from the Bavarian Carpenters for best degree goes to Stefan Droste.

Straight forward! Stefan Droste is part of this technological vanguard movement, he accompanied the Schreinerei EHAM along its journey towards the next century. He surveyed the implementation of a ERP software system in the company and made this adventure was the subject of his masters degree. The whole story took an glorious end - Stefan´s thesis has just been honored with excellent status, receiving the "Absolventenpreis 2011" of the Bavarian Carpenters. The 29 year old moved from Gelsenkirchen to Bavaria in 2005, where he started his studies in "Innenausbau" at the Hochschule Rosenheim. He completed his internship at EHAM where he is now working for the management. We are very proud about this recent awards ceremony, congratulations to this great achievement, EHAM is very pleased to be able to count on this kind of extraordinary members of our team.

25, 20 and 15 years part of the Eham team - moments of celebration!

Easter has just passed by and there is already another reason to commemorate, the employees meeting at Eham - with the wonderful highlight: the honoring of the long-standing employees. In first place there is Klaus Fess who has been spearheading the success of the company for 25 years, followed by Hermann Müller and Markus Limbrunner of the flooring team, as well as Korbinian Stickl, head of the installation team, who have dedicated their engagement during 20 years. 15 years of fidelity have been shown by Helge Krämer, head of the finishing department and Florian Krix, installation team, as well as Peter Wagner, project manager. Claudia Januel-Rühl, Franz Kripper, Stefan Lang, Niko Vukosic, Thomas Dietl and Dominik Würz were awarded for 10 years of participation in the Eham crew. Eham appreciates these employees for their trust and hard work during all this years. The Eham company spirit becomes nourished by this exchange of knowledge over years, shared experiences by each single person, and it is exactly this what makes the difference.

Prosit - EHAM finishes the historical restoration of the Augustiner Brau formation rooms.

These are the holy places where the masters of the beer celebration of Augustiner Bräu will receive their formation.
Form strictly follows function in the sense that there is some vigour in the design sticking to its destiny:
the students have to pass their exams, their skills as traditional Bavarian barman will be proved here. To make sure nobody will copy anybody else, EHAM installed removable wooden doors that could be folded according to their needs. Augustiner wants to provide their future beer masters a decent formation- no wonder! They have a long history to live up to: the brewery was founded by the monks in 1328. Therefore tradition is a core value for them, reflected by the interior and its remodelling by EHAM: Classic Fischgrat timber flooring and traditional dark wood panels decorate the walls underlining the historical style of the Stuben. These aesthetics invite the beer lovers to seize their traditional Bavarian costumes that have been a part of the culture for more than 6 hundred years. Cheers!

Tegernsee Style in the Hotel Bachmair Weissach - the mock-up project turned out into ca 50 new rooms.

The first question was about style and then very soon the first mock-up of the new rooms for the Hotel Bachmair Weissach was realized by Schreinerei Eham. The interior design of the rooms is dominated by natural finishings and several shades of grey that act as a calm and a discreet elegance. This rustic but at the same time refined style is all about love for details reflecting the bavarian warm-hearted character which makes all the difference in this region. The graphical element of the orange line becomes Leitmotiv in all the rooms, it decorates the linen door panels of the wardrobes, various mirrors and it also appears in the upholstery work - this is the real, modern Tegernsee Style!

Just graduated - all our very best wishes to our new master joiner and "Gesellen".

It is time to celebrate. Peter Jacobi received his master's degree and is from now on responsible for the EHAM workshop as a master. At the same time we are very pleased to announce that our apprentices passed the exams!

Great start to winter season - Eham craftsmen just arrived in the Swiss Alps!

The Eham team is now strongly involved in various projects in the upper mountains for example in Switzerland. If winter does not come to us, we try to chase it. In spite of big snowflakes Eham puts a lot of effort into keeping up with the delivery dates in order to make sure this cosy Chalets will be ready for Christmas where the families will be united for some precious moments of celebration!


The noise rises with each step you get closer to our workshop - wood shavings, skill saw, drills – that’s what creates this typical atmosphere of a workshop and exactly what the students are looking for! EHAM is glad to open up its doors for these young people who are keen to learn about the practical application of their knowledge they acquired during their studies.

Matured Timber - most wanted! We just received 100 m³ of this precious material.

EHAM is getting ready for the cold and cosy winter season - ready to transform this beautiful row material into charming Chalets.
We use a lot matured timber in Interior Design, not just for the projects in the mountains - it is a wonderful contrast to be played with also in more urban areas. Now it is time for our artisans to apply their knowledge and create contemporary designs that preserve the original and unique character of this matured timber!

EHAM and Dolce Vita at BWM Kathan

Speed, Dynamics, top efficiency - this characteristics can be found in the field of cars, as well as in the world of tasty coffee.
What makes the difference between a normal and an excellent espresso is the use of the right high pressure and the right speed.
Joy of Driving and Dolce Vita actually do have something in common. EHAM developed therefore a bar furniture with a solid, white Corian frame where the clients will be able to enjoy the flavor of an authentic italian coffee. The red ceiling lamps communicate an independent style and create a cosy ambiance.

Schreinerei Eham is proud to present our three new trainees

We are glad to welcome our new apprentices who spent already two months working with a lot of enthusiasm with our team.
From now on they have the great opportunity of learning about the secrets of this craftsmanship during the next three years.